A Unique Perspective

Letitia Quinones understands and takes seriously the level of trust and responsibility required when another lawyer refers a case to her firm. The same when a lead lawyer invites her to join the team representing a corporation or individual against the great weight of government prosecution.  


When her client, Arkema Inc., and its CEO Richard Rowe, beat back a misguided criminal prosecution arising out of the mayhem of Hurricane Harvey, teamwork, passion and courtroom acumen made all the difference. As in The State of Texas v. Arkema, Inc., Ms. Quinones has deep experience working closely, in the glare of publicity, with legal colleagues in either a support role or as lead trial lawyer.

Letitia D. Quinones 

Letitia Quinones has practiced criminal law for more than 20 years.  Her presence before a jury - her ability to connect with jurors, help them follow the narrative of a defense and to accept the defense theory of the case – sets her apart from her peers.


Ms. Quinones is board-certified in criminal defense by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has been recognized by Best Lawyers in America and the American Academy of Trial Attorneys. She is deeply committed to her community and believes attorneys have a responsibility to make positive contributions in all walks of life.


She brings unique perspective and diversity in training, perspective and life experience. Long ago, she embraced the need to outwork others with grit and determination and believes, in the practice of law, this is an asset. Finally, she has never lost touch with the experience of the everyday men and women who populate our juries.


To speak to Ms. Quinones or learn more about her and her practice, call 713-481-7420 or Letitia@Quinonesandassociates.com.